readings 53 – FLOW CHART (2015) [Ashbery series]

a single reading of Ashbery’s poem in changing disposition within the recorded field

c8 hours, 45 minutes over 9 audio cassettes (c30-c60-c90-c60-c45-c60-c90-c60-c30)



readings 50 – Outside, can’t you hear it, the traffic, the trees, everything getting nearer. for Julie & Pigpen (2014) [Ashbery series]

found 30′ prerecorded tape with field recording-reading of “The New Spirit” by John Ashbery

Heliogabalus trilogy: 1. [the cradle of sperm] 2. [the war of principles] 3. [anarchy] (2009-10)

(3 operas, using Heliogabalus – Or, The Crowned Anarchist by Antonin Artaud)

Heliogabalus (cover)

1. [the cradle of sperm] (2010):

the cradle of sperm

cradle transparencies

2. [the war of principles] (2010):

the war of principles

war (1) transparencies

war transparencies

3. [anarchy] (2009):


anarchy transparencies