(the white shirt) for Kate (2016) [Ashbery series]

(text drawn from the poem “The White Shirt” by John Ashbery)


readings 44 – though we haven’t read it, we know there is a script (2012)

c90 audio cassette with field recordings-readings of “The End of New England” by Eileen Myles



released in 2014 by DEATH-SPIRAL on the tape DARK INTERIORS/PLACES OF THE HEART (D-S 0,0) in a limited edition of 200


20 xii 2014 – played through the sound wall at Various Small Fires Gallery, Los Angeles

Brainchild Part 3 (2015) [Kathleen Johnson & Mark So]

text/concept by Kathleen Johnson; vocal/sounding scenario for 5 reading vocalists, tones, and field recording by Mark So; costumes by Kelly Marie Conder; poet laureate: E. E. Cummings

brainchild 3 guidelines & flow brainchild 3 “songbook”

performed with field recording: SLEEPY HOLLOW (DARK INTERIORS) (2015)

draft sketch of vocal scenario

project info



(songbook/score detail)


performed by Dominique Cox, Julie Brody, Kate Brown, Mari, Gabie Strong & Mark So

11 x 2015 at Mars Desert Research Station, UT; 25 x 2015 at LA><ART